Child Counselling & Play Therapy

A Child Psychologist may provide individual counselling, play therapy and group therapy. Child psychology deals with a young person’s mental, emotional and social development. You may be interested to read more about the services of Child Psychologists at our Toronto clinic.
The Truth About Punishment

The Truth About Punishment

When it comes to parenting, there isn’t exactly a ‘one size fits all’ approach for how to go about raising a child. As a parent, limits that you probably never thought you would reach have been. By limits, I am referring to the cannon blasting emotions that can unravel and burst at the seams when your child is not listening, quarrelling with you, making the same mistakes over and over again, having meltdowns, etc. When a child persistently misbehaves, it can be undeniably daunting and overwhelming to try to figure out what to do.

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Childhood Onset of OCD

Childhood Onset of OCD

“Something’s different about Johnny…”

Johnny used to be a happy-go-lucky, active boy, who enjoyed spending time with his friends and doing well in school. In the past few months, however, he has lost interest in what he used to enjoy.

While he has always been into being healthy, things took a turn for the worse after he heard about virus outbreaks on the news and has since become obsessed with getting sick. He has begun to take multiple daily showers and has also taken to washing his hands so often that it is to the point that his hands are raw to the touch and on the verge of bleeding.

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Parenting children: when “NO” doesn’t work.

Parenting children: when “NO” doesn’t work

How to train your dog. Parenting children: when “NO” doesn’t work. *

I am expecting a little bundle of joy to finally call my own—a dog that is. In light of this very exciting event, I have been endlessly reading books about what to do/ not do when training a puppy.  My most recent literature endeavor has been about the power of positive dog training. The premise of this book is to set your puppy up for success rather than failure. Now, before you leave me because you did not come here to learn how to train a puppy,

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Worrying & Anxiety | The Worry Maze

How can I help my child stop worrying?

Worrying can be beneficial

Without first jumping to the worst-case scenario, let it be clear that worrying can be very beneficial, as it can serve a number of important, life-preserving functions.

Worrying can protect us

What might such benefits be? Well, for starters, worrying can protect us, as it can help us think about the right things at the right time to help keep us safe. Take for example when one feels worried about travelling alone in the dark. Such a worry can serve as a signal that danger is probable and therefore can help to inform how we make decisions.

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How do I parent? Confused Parenting

Confused Parenting | How do I parent?

“The children of today are the leaders of tomorrow.” Talk about pressure for parents!

A recent article in Maclean’s Magazine depicting the downfall of parenting has been making the rounds, and in my humble opinion, ultimately adding to, and fueling the confusion fire. The article relays the collapse of parenting being partly to blame for kids becoming overweight, overmedicated, anxious, and disrespectful of themselves and those around them. It is targeting the laissez-faire parenting style and blaming parents for relinquishing their parental authority,

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There are hurt individuals everywhere, the bullied and the bully

“Kids are Ruthless”, says Society: Let’s Take Ownership

Kids will be kids, Kids can be mean, ruthless, horrifying, [insert any word that associates with anything less than pleasant] to one another. How many times have we heard variations of these statements, or have stated them ourselves?

Phrases such as these are instinctively said when one hears of a bullying episode on the news, on the radio, or through a conversation with another. It has become easy to nonchalantly accept these words as the truth, and move on to the next part of our day.

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Hot Topic: The Collapse of Parenting

The Hot Topic: “The Collapse of Parenting”

The Importance of Parental Leadership

In a recent Maclean’s article entitled, “The Collapse of Parenting”, writer Cathy Gulli argues how kids today are suffering because parents are no longer in charge. She identifies how many parents of today’s generation are deferring to their kids because, in essence, they have lost confidence in themselves and have relinquished parental authority.

What is referred to as the Culture of Disrespect, is proposed to be facilitated by the collapse of parenting and has been shown to have led to an explosion in kids becoming more fragile,

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How to Understand Your Child’s World

How to Understand Your Child’s World

Have you ever found yourself trying to understand what in the world your child is saying? Or immediately, without thought, told them they are wrong? Or further, found yourself questioning how to handle their behaviours? Or what to make of their outlandish beliefs?

It is important to remember that the learning process is a delicate thing. The way we are now, with our big and beautiful adult minds, is not the same as when we were young. Adults are wired to think about jobs,

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happy toddler in grass

Transitioning Toddlers: From Home to Daycare to Junior Kindergarten

Families are all unique and as parents you determine when your children will leave the family home to experience life outside in other learning environments. For some parents the decision is reached when either mom or dad returns to the workforce full time. For others, they may decide that their child will be leaving the home for the first time to enter a learning environment such as a daycare program or the school system as a student entering Junior Kindergarten.

Transitioning Toddlers From Home to Daycare

All children regardless of their age experience a period of transition or adjustment when they move from one environment to another.

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Young Boy with angry face

Anger Management for Children

Children’s misbehaviour is perhaps one of a parent’s biggest concerns particularly when their child is unwilling or unable to listen and behave within their parents expectations. Often, a child with behavioural difficulties cannot follow simple direct instructions, argues, and refuses to listen or simply escalates their behaviour into a temper tantrum – whether they are 2 or 12 years of age.

This reactive behaviour is anger and it may be obvious what has brought about the anger or it may appear to have arisen out of nowhere.

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