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8 Key Signs That a Marriage May Be Better Off Separated

Key Signs That a Marriage May Be Better Off Separated

Most wedding vows end with the line “till death do us part,” but you and your spouse might be one out of several married couples who suddenly find themselves unable to hold on to that promise, well until their own respective deaths any longer.

If you feel that your marriage is now beyond repair, it might have occurred for both of you to get separated once and for all.

Marital Separation versus Divorce

If you badly want to cut ties with your spouse but are a little confused as to whether to get separated or divorced,

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The Truth About Punishment

The Truth About Punishment

When it comes to parenting, there isn’t exactly a ‘one size fits all’ approach for how to go about raising a child. As a parent, limits that you probably never thought you would reach have been. By limits, I am referring to the cannon blasting emotions that can unravel and burst at the seams when your child is not listening, quarrelling with you, making the same mistakes over and over again, having meltdowns, etc. When a child persistently misbehaves, it can be undeniably daunting and overwhelming to try to figure out what to do.

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Understanding Today’s Teens in a Virtual World

Loneliness & Depression | Understanding Today’s Teens in a Virtual World

Times are changing, aren’t they?

It seems that no matter where we look, technology appears to be taking over our lives. See for yourself. Next time you are out in public, look around you. How many people do you see on their phones? And, man, I get it. Being on our phones, with access to the world, celebrities, and all kinds of games and apps that distract us from reality, can be very appealing.

Thing is,

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Finding meaning through loss & grief

Heartbreak Hotel: Finding meaning through loss or grief

I had the unfortunate displeasure of going through two fairly significant losses at the beginning of the year. The first loss I experienced was the loss of my grandmother (Nanny) and the second loss was the ending of a five-year romantic relationship.  Because of the proximity of these two losses, I was, to be honest, a blubbering train wreck most days of the week. On one hand there was someone who I wanted to reach out to so badly but their voice was no longer present,

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How to find happiness

If You’re Happy and You Know It, Clap Your Hands!

A common question, or rather direction, I receive is some variation of “I just want to be happy, give me the tools to get there.” Alas I present you,

How to reach true happiness

  1. You can’t.

Now, the smug part of me so badly wants to leave this post at that, however because of the silence from my previous demand (clapping if you’re happy), the small part of me that likes to hear myself speak is shouting a little louder today.

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How to be Perfect All the Time……..NOT

How to be Perfect All the Time……..NOT

Mothers, brothers, daughters, employees, employers, co-workers, husbands, wives……Yes, that’s right –just about everyone at one time or another has the unreasonable expectation that we (or someone we know) should be perfect. I don’t know about you but I confess that I have found myself on both sides of that unattainable fence at one time or another. But how does this ridiculous notion come about? How do we come to expect that as a normal human being, we should be perfect? Perhaps worse, how did we get the idea that another person should be meeting our needs,

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When To See A Couple’s Counsellor

When To See A Couple’s Counsellor

You are hanging out at the bar after a long day of work. You look around and a beautiful woman catches your eye. Your heart starts racing, your palms get sweaty, and you feel butterflies in your stomach. It is almost as if time stood still, and every single fiber in your body is telling you that she is the ONE. You finally work up the courage to walk up to her and start a conversation. Fast forward a few years, you get married and live happily for the rest of your lives…


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Childhood Onset of OCD

Childhood Onset of OCD

“Something’s different about Johnny…”

Johnny used to be a happy-go-lucky, active boy, who enjoyed spending time with his friends and doing well in school. In the past few months, however, he has lost interest in what he used to enjoy.

While he has always been into being healthy, things took a turn for the worse after he heard about virus outbreaks on the news and has since become obsessed with getting sick. He has begun to take multiple daily showers and has also taken to washing his hands so often that it is to the point that his hands are raw to the touch and on the verge of bleeding.

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Parenting children: when “NO” doesn’t work.

Parenting children: when “NO” doesn’t work

How to train your dog. Parenting children: when “NO” doesn’t work. *

I am expecting a little bundle of joy to finally call my own—a dog that is. In light of this very exciting event, I have been endlessly reading books about what to do/ not do when training a puppy.  My most recent literature endeavor has been about the power of positive dog training. The premise of this book is to set your puppy up for success rather than failure. Now, before you leave me because you did not come here to learn how to train a puppy,

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Worrying & Anxiety | The Worry Maze

How can I help my child stop worrying?

Worrying can be beneficial

Without first jumping to the worst-case scenario, let it be clear that worrying can be very beneficial, as it can serve a number of important, life-preserving functions.

Worrying can protect us

What might such benefits be? Well, for starters, worrying can protect us, as it can help us think about the right things at the right time to help keep us safe. Take for example when one feels worried about travelling alone in the dark. Such a worry can serve as a signal that danger is probable and therefore can help to inform how we make decisions.

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