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Speaking plainly…….what is a Psycho-Educational Assessment?

People may seek a psychological assessment for many reasons; learning, behaviour, injury, health, emotional problems or development concerns to name just a few.

A psycho-educational or educational assessment is simply one kind of psychological assessment. For example, an educational assessment investigates learning potential and academic skill development. A psychological assessment of any kind must be completed by a licensed psychologist or psychological associate who is registered with the College of Psychologists in their province.

In simple terms,

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Tween Behavioural Problems

Many parents struggle with their child’s behaviour, often finding it extremely frustrating and challenging to have their child follow the rules and expectations of the home.

Parents often recognize that changes may have occurred within the family or stresses have increased. They love their children and would like to have them do as they are told, without the constant struggle when asked to complete their homework, tidy their bedroom, or stop playing video games. Parents expect their children to listen,

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Learning that you cannot control or change your partner

In my opinion, Will Rogers was right when he said, “each person is about as happy as they decide they want to be.”

Couples counselling or marriage counselling can teach the concept that, you can only control yourself. Counselling, sometimes called Psychotherapy, can bring the realization that the critical words of other people can be deflected if you put the emphasis on what you can control or change in your responses to another’s words

Relationship Counselling aim to help you to let go of changing others and help focus on yourself and your own strengths.

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