Sandra Riley, CYC

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Transitioning Toddlers: From Home to Daycare to Junior Kindergarten

Families are all unique and as parents you determine when your children will leave the family home to experience life outside in other learning environments. For some parents the decision is reached when either mom or dad returns to the workforce full time. For others, they may decide that their child will be leaving the home for the first time to enter a learning environment such as a daycare program or the school system as a student entering Junior Kindergarten.

Transitioning Toddlers From Home to Daycare

All children regardless of their age experience a period of transition or adjustment when they move from one environment to another.

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Anger Management for Children

Children’s misbehaviour is perhaps one of a parent’s biggest concerns particularly when their child is unwilling or unable to listen and behave within their parents expectations. Often, a child with behavioural difficulties cannot follow simple direct instructions, argues, and refuses to listen or simply escalates their behaviour into a temper tantrum – whether they are 2 or 12 years of age.

This reactive behaviour is anger and it may be obvious what has brought about the anger or it may appear to have arisen out of nowhere.

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Tween Behavioural Problems

Many parents struggle with their child’s behaviour, often finding it extremely frustrating and challenging to have their child follow the rules and expectations of the home.

Parents often recognize that changes may have occurred within the family or stresses have increased. They love their children and would like to have them do as they are told, without the constant struggle when asked to complete their homework, tidy their bedroom, or stop playing video games. Parents expect their children to listen,

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