Joanne Garrie, M.Ed.

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The Importance of an Early Educational Assessment

Having a very young child who is experiencing difficulty at school is distressing for parents as well as for the child. It can affect the whole family, including siblings. Parents bring their young child to Junior Kindergarten with tremendous feelings of optimism and rarely suspect that their child may experience difficulty learning. When a teacher calls a parent to discuss concern about their child’s slower than anticipated academic skill development, feelings of anxiety and stress quickly follow. This article discusses such concern and how to address it.

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Why is school so hard for me?

Getting an Educational Assessment Prior to Post Secondary Education

Did you have an Educational Assessment (also known as a Psychoeducational Assessment) when you were a child? Possibly you or your parents suspected that you had some learning difficulties or a learning disability as a child but you never had an Educational Assessment when you were young.

Now is your opportunity to gain a better understanding of how you learn as a young/older adult. If you are confident that you did experience learning difficulties in the past an updated or first-time Psychoeducational Assessment would allow you to advocate for yourself at post-secondary schools.

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