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There are hurt individuals everywhere, the bullied and the bully

“Kids are Ruthless”, says Society: Let’s Take Ownership

Kids will be kids, Kids can be mean, ruthless, horrifying, [insert any word that associates with anything less than pleasant] to one another. How many times have we heard variations of these statements, or have stated them ourselves?

Phrases such as these are instinctively said when one hears of a bullying episode on the news, on the radio, or through a conversation with another. It has become easy to nonchalantly accept these words as the truth, and move on to the next part of our day.

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Let's shut up about bullying

Let’s shut up about bullying

If you’ve ever been the victim of aggression or been the perpetrator or even both, each of ‘you’ may have wished it would end, but obviously for different reasons. Yes, some kids and teens may appear pretty darn happy about hurting others. But rare is the child or teen who never develops any remorse. For parents on both sides, it can be hard to lead the way. Educators often feel caught in the middle.

Clearer Language, Clearer Solutions

Not all students with aggression problems are so happy with their own behaviour.

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What stops me from going for counselling?

In my thirty years of private practice as a psychotherapist I have seen many clients who have experienced early resistance in seeking professional help. One of the reasons seems to be having to bring change your life. We all know very well that change is a normal part of life, and everybody is confronted with change at some stage in their life. However, change can be both very threatening and very frightening. Feeling afraid of change is not a sign of weakness.

In this article I would like to talk about some early resistances,

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Learning that you cannot control or change your partner

In my opinion, Will Rogers was right when he said, “each person is about as happy as they decide they want to be.”

Couples counselling or marriage counselling can teach the concept that, you can only control yourself. Counselling, sometimes called Psychotherapy, can bring the realization that the critical words of other people can be deflected if you put the emphasis on what you can control or change in your responses to another’s words

Relationship Counselling aim to help you to let go of changing others and help focus on yourself and your own strengths.

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